2013 – An Unexciting Year in Mobile Phones?

by adm2 on August 10, 2013

2012 continues to be, as anticipated, basically the most exciting year in the history of mobile phones- not really to mention consumer technologies in common. We have already seen the dawn of a new tablet PC war which was recently became a member of by the ipad Mini, appearance of the iphone 5 that we experienced initially expected to see prior year and the start of Samsung Galaxy S3 – the biggest and greatest Android Smart phone in the background of the market.

In fact, there have been more main product roll-outs in 2012 compared to in any other year since the dawn of the Smartphone revolution, along with records becoming broken across the panel and new standards being established on a regular basis. Viewing this kind of trends, you’d probably think that The year 2013 is going to kick things up a level and essentially run circles about 2012 in conditions of exhilaration and Smart phone expertise.

Sadly however, you would be very much wrong. Let’s see how:

Be cautious exactly what you Wish for

The scenario as is actually stands at present, can be illustrated in the form of a single device – that being the renowned iphone 5 from Apple. Actually since iphone 5 unsuccessful to help to make a look and feel last year, the rumor-mill went relatively insane in it’s efforts to paint a weird and fantastic picture of what to expect. From a bigger display to a faster processor chip to a slimmer case to a better battery to 4G LTE connectivity and so on, the wish-list had been a big and the majority of realistic one.

Fast-forward to Q3 2012, the iphone 5 finally showed up and created good on the hype. As expected and wished, this delivered a larger screen, slimmer body, new Operating system, much better electric battery, 4G LTE and so on. In addition, it instantly broke all existing Apple sales records and continues to achieve this today.

Therefore, why could it be then that actually taking into account just about all of the above, tech-gurus are nevertheless not as thrilled as they should have already been?

Bigger, Not really Much better

Well, the easy response is the fact that while the iphone 5 took several issues to the next level in conditions of specs and features, this didn’t really bring anything new to the desk in any way. Indeed it was faster than the iphone 4S; indeed it’s display was larger; yes this had 4G LTE connectivity and it was incredible to look at; but technically is had been simply an iphone 4S along with a shot of espresso woven into the coating. In fact, Apple’s Android competitor Mobile phones had recently been providing massively faster processors, larger displays and 4G LTE for months.

Is this really what it originates to? Just recycling old ideas and providing them with a new riff of paint or even shot of vitamins?

A Gloomy Perspective

Sadly, when looking at the current Mobile Phone marketplace realistically; precisely where otherwise could developers proceed that hasn’t already already been carried out? Smartphones are already all-powerful computers and digital cameras with phones attached; therefore, how will it be possible to break the mold again?

Based on this kind of details, expect big things in The year 2013; although virtually nothing we have not currently observed before!


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