Can the Zaarly Marketplace Act As Your Only Link to the Outside World?

by admin on December 23, 2012

Is it possible to fulfill all of your daily needs using only a computer and the Internet? One man found out earlier this month when he parked himself at a local bar, determined to exist in the space for an entire weekend, using only the Zaarly marketplace as his link to the outside world.
Since 23 year-old Ryder Darcy will be sleeping at the bar his first task is to use Zaarly to find a bed. He claims that instead of a regular bed, Darcy went for a waterbed because, “I’ve never slept on one of those.”

Once the bed need is checked off his list, Darcy must have everything else brought to him via Zaarly. This includes food, even though the bar offers a decent menu. Darcy says that he is considering taking dance lessons while he’s holed up at the bar in addition to getting a haircut and a visit from the chiropractor during his stay.

He also will only communicate with friends and family through the live web cam on the Zaarly page at UStream. In addition to friends and family, other Zaarly marketplace community members can interact with Darcy and can suggest things he can do. “I hope people are feeling generous and pick fun stuff for me to do,” he said.

Thinking about taking the Zaarly weekend challenge? Post your story or ignite the buzz of the Zaarly marketplace sweeping the nation.

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