Do You Know the Future of Social Networking?

by adm2 on August 15, 2013

The long term of Social Networking

We are at an age where there is an internet surge? Everybody looks at social networking sites. We are all aware or even are amongst people who look at facebook or twitter for more than 4 hours a day. Why perform we do that? In the past are we sure to do that? First let’s tackle that and after that discuss the next 100 years.

The neanderthal attitude

Let me take a step back. wait around!! allow me to consider a long step back to the time of cavemen. During that time, what happened? In the family men experienced to search food and the women had to take care of the children. (Although not really in context allow me to provide you a few gyan here. The neanderthals didn’t do that. The men and the women hunted and some researchers think that is exactly what lead to their own demise.) So what happened? chatting and making fun of each other was typical (Michio Kaku states this particular in one of his publications, don’t exactly remember which one) and now what offers occurred is, we are in a position to do this in a wider size. That is the same task which occurred when the tv came. Few individuals were able to reveal their own info with other people.

We, as people usually share stuff, we love talking about our issues and when the platform will get larger, we begin sharing more. It’s in the innate nature to reveal and that’s why we reveal.

The future

So what regarding the long term? How about 50 years through right now or even 100 years through now? (Provided we don’t blow ourselves up ). Obviously, the trend is going to grow. Mostly it will not be Facebook or even Twitter or even some other website for which issue. It would be something else. We could be in the internet in the blink of an eye and we could be able to surf the web easily.

It is still therefore premature, as I see it, which I need to kind this short article and you get to see clearly. I should be imagine and you is deserving of this. That might be cool. I ‘m not saying science hasn’t advanced much. I am a researcher and hence presently there are times I get to see study as and when it is occurring in technology a minimum of and therefore I shall not claim or else. However my logic is only this, as time advances you can use a specs and proceed to the net and this is changed in a few more years by you heading online whenever you would like and possess a good time along with your buddies. And social networking is not going to come down. It’s going to go Up and Up.


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