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by admin on March 24, 2013

If you are looking for a telecommunication & networking goods like locations, routers, web cameras and other folks next you can take a take a look at RealTime Systems Limited.

RealTime Methods Ltd; (RTS) set up in 1980 is actually a Government of India acknowledged R&D house with an ISO 9001-2000 certification for stringent adherence to steady quality and detailed documentated processes. It offers networking items like lease series modems, VPN broadband internet hubs, enterprise hubs, web cameras, wired and wireless internet cameras. It also manufacturing and sales of That networking, Telecom access and on-line ups. Realtime’s expertise is actually in the design, development, manufacturing and revenue of Telecom Access, IT-Networking, Digital Tv set Technologies, on-line UPS systems and vibrant LED lights. RealTime is actually one of the most ancient engineering Company in exclusive field in India, with a huge catalogue of Ip that facilitates legacy of music Telco’s implement modern technology seamlessly for characteristics and features to the expanding specifications of consumers for Words, Information and Video clip. That evolves economical, green, scalable high top quality, user friendly products that facilitate customers to enjoy the scientific improvements to boost the quality of life.

It has a wide range of goods to address the majority of of the previous kilometer segments on legacy of music and fiber networks. RealTime also supplies RealLite products like micro puck lamps, process lighting and RealLite under cabinet lamps. Realtime’s consumers trust our technological talents to design and produce custom specific items for size deployment on their particular systems for words, data and movie solutions for their clients. At Home Items you can locate products that are helpful in homes like changes, high speed ADSL2 bridges and hubs.

When you would like to learn more regarding networking goods next get a take a look at RealTime website.

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