How to Choose the Right SSL Certificate

by admin on November 19, 2013

Once you start looking in to buying an SSL certificate, you will begin to realise how complicated things can get. There is a selection of different ones and they vary in price. These will also differ depending on which company you choose to buy from. This means that you will need to look through them carefully to make sure that you buy the best one for you and your site visitors.

You need to consider your website and why you need the SSL certificate. It may be that you want visitors to see that your identity has been verified so that they know they are not on a phishing or other malicious site. It may be that you have a merchant account and want to have an ecommerce section for your site. It may be that you are requesting information such as email addresses and want to keep customers feeling safe by encrypting them. There are many different reasons.

It will be necessary to find out what types of SSL certificate are available and what they do. Then you will be able to decide whether you feel there is one that will work well for you. This may be a basic one or an expensive one. And there are different providers of SSL certs like: WildCard, Comodo and GeoTrust. It is important not to just judge on price though. The reason that some are expensive is because they provide better cover than those that are cheaper, so make sure that you look carefully at what you are getting or your money. Obviously there is no point in spending more than necessary, but do make sure that you get the amount of protection that you need. There is no point in spending anything if it is not good enough to provide the security that your site visitors are looking for.

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