Mobile Communication Technology

by admin on December 2, 2012

Mobile communication technologies is a term that’s essentially provided to the technologies used as the communication setting for the portable devices such as cellular phones, laptop computers, palmtops, digital personnel, gps methods, wireless card repayment systems etc.

There are many systems which are utilized in communication of these devices such as wireless faithfulness (Wi-Fi), GSM services (2G and 3g), GPRS, Bluetooth, Virtual Private Systems, call up modems etc. Using these technologies, one can easily talk from office, house, car and even while traveling. Using the web or even WAP providers to access web either on telephone or laptop computers is known as mobile computing which is also considered as a part of mobile communication technologies.

A few of the primary systems that are used in the area of Mobile Communication can be listed as:

1. GPRS: Common Box Stereo System is a mobile technologies that uses GSM services for information communication. It is mainly utilized for supplying the information services on cellular devices. One of the drawback of GPRS support had been its sluggish connectivity, but with the coming up of 3rd Generation of GSM, the speed limit continues to be increased and the data tranny has become quite fast. GPRS retains a distinctive function by which a user can effortlessly transfer the information whilst making calls.

2. EDGE: Enhanced data rates for GSM Evolution or even EGPRS is actually a technology having the quicker data transmission price as in comparison to GPRS. In the event that the EDGE system is not available in certain areas, then there GPRS services are utilized as a alternative of EDGE.

3. Wi-Fi: Wireless faithfulness is the technologies that uses wireless technologies communication for the data transmission; previously Wi-Fi was only used with laptops and palmtops but now-a-days it’s also combined with contemporary cell phones that have Wi-Fi services. The advantage of using Wi-Fi technology is actually transmission speed as it may support up-to One hundred Mbps.

4. Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a technology which is used for the tranny of data between devices in a little variety of 100 gauge. The network formed through through Bluetooth devices is famous as Piconet. The Bluetooth technology can be used to create connections between multiple devices resulting in machine to machine communication. At one time, seven products may talk by way of Bluetooth.

5. GSM: Worldwide System for Mobile communications is actually a technology used for digital mobile networks utilized for second era technologies but later it is been successful through 3g to improve the speed of circuit changed system. GSM system works on different frequencies for 2G and 3g.

• 2G GSM system run in Eight hundred fifty Mhz or even 1900 Megahertz wavelengths.
• 3g GSM system run in 2100Mhz frequency

Key features of 3g tend to be video calling, video download, move the great amount of data from a high speed.

Aside from these types of, there are lots of other systems such as VPN which is used to access external systems through a secured channel.

The benefit of mobile technologies is it can make our life very easy as we are able to entry data assets and services from any component of the globe. However at the exact same time, this faces particular problems as nicely this kind of as network problems, security problems and price of information providers. However with advance in technology, these complaints are progressively decreasing and mobile communication technology is making our life very easy


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