The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Technology

by adm2 on April 5, 2013

Mobile phones have altered our way of life to an unbelievable degree. Anytime some old member of a family applies tales regarding prior modes of communication like beepers, postal letters and telegrams, the children of Twenty-first century feel really surprised. It would appear that the people relevant the stories regarding telegrams fit in to a few other planet. So, it’s a fact that the cellular phone technology has started a new period on our planet, that has uprooted the old fashioned lifestyle entirely.

However, it doesn’t mean this technologies has no effect on people adversely. Every thing on the planet earth has two attributes; advantages and disadvantages. The same will go true for the phone technologies. The technology is effective as well as disadvantageous. In this article, the advantages will be considered towards the disadvantages in order to obtain a accurate understanding of the effects of mobile phones on individual life.

The Advantages of the Technologies

  • It is said that “phones possess turned the world into a global town.” The declaration appears precisely true. Residing in one part of the world, we can talk to our family members residing in an additional corner of the world effortlessly.
  • The cell phone technologies have speeded up small and big companies. The business events around the world can communicate with one an additional in a few of mere seconds. They can offer and determine quickly. Consequently, the business world has been enhanced to a astonishing extent due to fraxel treatments.
  • It’s created individuals in contact along with one an additional. In this way, mobile phones possess urged individual conversation.
  • To provide a network for communication, lots of individuals are needed to handle the duties. Hence, many jobless people have obtained good work for all of them due to fraxel treatments.


The Disadvantages of the Technologies


  • The finest disadvantage of it is this technologies have impacted the natural method of human interaction badly. Individuals stay hectic using their tissue even when sitting in a team of other people.
  • There are many tales about the people who fulfilled accidents because of to keeping focus on their own mobile phone while driving. Therefore, this is one of the greatest disadvantages of these types of devices.
  • Mobile mobile phones are used by criminals to inform one another about their filthy ideas. And, their own crime strategies are invented by using this technologies in the majority of cases.
  • Mobile phones also have increased up street offences and breach of moral ideals. Lots of immoral, so-called love tales discover their existence through the misuse of this technology.
  • A few apparent hearing and brain diseases possess appeared because of to the excessive use of these devices. Furthermore, eyesight problems are also observed among many crazy mobile users.

Therefore, we can see which mobile phones are not only helpful, however they are also dangerous. Nicely, it will not be wrong to say that not one of the technologies is harmful by nature, this will depend on us whether we utilize it favorably or even adversely.


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